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Luxury Experience

Located at 123 Kingston Avenue in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, Meat’s architecture and design reflect both the neighborhood’s storied past and exciting future. Sharing a corner with the famous Kingston Lounge, the restaurant’s muted, taupe detailing complements the foundational walls of an archetypal Brooklyn brownstone.

Immediately inside, an elegantly contemporary bar and lounge seating area is enclosed by tasteful marble tiling. Meat's main seating area includes armchair and banquette seating, and large windows to enjoy Brooklyn's unique scenery. Above, the ceiling's angular, wood panels invite the observer forward into a final seating area. This private dining room juxtaposes an exposed brick accent wall with living ivy and a modern glass ceiling that draws in historic Brooklyn.

Both dining areas eschew conventional design, instead featuring marble and walnut tabletops, hand-crafted stone dishes, and radiant brass lighting; a relaxing twist on traditional fine dining.

Classic and contemporary continue to meet in the downstairs kitchen, where a state-of-the-art cooking facility neighbors a vintage meat curing and aging room and subway tiled walls, another ode to New York's rich history. In form and function, Meat propels Crown Heights forward, while celebrating its vibrant times past.


Meat's prix fixe menu, fittingly titled Feast, is as much an experience as it is a meal. Founded in the artistic practice of the culinary, our dynamic Feast takes the patron on an exciting, and sometimes adventurous, edible journey. Regardless of your menu choices, our accomplished team prepares every meal with care and diligence. Utilizing state-of-the-art cookware, such as our josper grill and aging rooms, and the highest quality ingredients, our team constructs flavor and builds texture in every dish. While firmly rooted in classic Mediterranean flavors, Meat's menus are continuously advancing into new, exciting culinary territory.

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